Fade or Draw which is better

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Автор: Dit
Draws & fades are indirect strikes on the ball. Seems logical that straight would be the most energy transmitted from the club to the ball.
Автор: Brasho
Автор: Shale
a right hander lowers the loft slightly while hitting a draw and increases it slightly to hit a fade therefore his draw will go slightly further than his fade.
Автор: Mektilar
Both the Draw and fade have under spin because the club has loft on it.  Every shot you hit whether it's with a driver or wedge will have under spin because there is loft.  The only time you get top spin is if you skull a ball or top it.  The difference from a draw or fade is that when you draw the ball you are closing the face and hitting it with less loft and it will have less under spin which is why the ball goes further.  When you hit a fade you are opening the face and adding loft and creating more under spin which is why the ball goes shorter.  The advantage with a fade is that it won't curve quite as much because it has more under spin than a draw would and less side spin and a fade is higher and will land softer on the green and check up more. The only advantage that a draw has is if you are trying to hit your driver with as much distance off the tee or unless you have to curve it that way because of either a dogleg or something is in the way of your shot like a tree or something and you have to curve it that way to get back into the fairway or the green.  There's an old saying that you can talk to a fade but a hook won't listen.  Anyways these are facts and not opinions.
Автор: Akinolmaran
I believe you both are on the right path. Hitting the golf ball with the same force and with fade or draw spin will travel the same distance... however there is 1 part of the equation missing. -- The lie of face of the golf club, with a 8 iron open and fading a shot its going higher and landing softer. with a closed face and less degree of loft in a 8 iron, I'm turning that 8 iron into 7.5 iron with change in loft. so its going to go farther. -the draw-spin / fade-spin has nothing to do with it.
Автор: Vizuru
the draw does go farther because of the trajectory, a fade has an open face therefore increasing loft, a draw de-lofts the club and has a more penetrating flight
Автор: Tojadal
thank you! your absolutely right.
Автор: Daigal
When I started playing I, like most, sliced everything to some degree. As I practiced and learned to swing from the inside without going over the top, I learned how to draw the ball. However, I never practiced very much, and my draw would often degrade into a looping hook. About 2 years ago, I switched back to playing a relatively straight shot that may or may not fade a little. I accomplished this by weakening or neutralizing my grip ( a very difficult thing to do!), opening my left foot only very slightly at address, accentuate "throwing" the back of my left hand at the target, and aligning my self directly at the target. I have a buddy who is a good golfer, but he plays a draw and is always aimed to the right of the target and hoping that the hook comes off. If he hits the ball straight he is in the right rough at best. And, like all draw players, is prone to the occasional snap hook. Every heard of a snap slice? I didn't think so. In a perfect world, if I was more talented or could practice more, It would be cool to have both shots. However, I have very little time to practice, more less play, and I need a go to shot that comes of more often than not and is not prone to the disastrous 2-stroke penalty miss. For me that is the straight shot that tends to fade. The ball virtually never hooks and rarely slices too badly. However, the fade is a miss, and it is a weaker shot than a draw, so you will give up distance. I have lost 10-15% of my distance from a years ago, practice less, and my handicap has dropped two strokes to an 8 playing the same tees at the same courses. In summary, I suggest making the fade your go to shot for more control and lower scores.
Автор: Zoloshakar
Left handed / right handed... a chop is a CHOP...
Автор: Bralabar
As usual he is all talk and no facts and furthermore ..wrong.
Автор: Nelmaran
lol...with that intro I thought you were gonna try and get me to stop shooting pool and associating with loose women...lol...but thanks for the good golf advice just the same...I like your style!
Автор: Akinris
I do not understand how a draw, hit by a rightie or a leftie can be the same thing. For a leftie the club would be open, the leftie version of the slice, therefore would go higher and not so far. The leftie draw, the same shape as the rightie fade would go further as the club would be closed and delofted. So while the ball wouldnt know the difference in where it was struck, it would behave differently according to whether the club were open or closed. So if a rightie wants to hit the ball further it is better to go for a draw. Thank you Darrell for your commonsense. I really enjoy your dvds and youtubes. I do not find golf an easy game, however, but I am working on it.
Автор: Akinokazahn
Hi Darrell, I love your video and I totally agree with you on the exploitation of us poor golfers by the industry. I also totally agree with your theory on fade and draw with two equal shots, the physics is fact, however I have to repeat what Tom and Jarred seem to get at. If a player draws a ball, one of the recognised and practised techniques is to slightly close the face and to fade a ball it requires a slightly open face...this effectively changes the loft of the club and logically and scientifically, the draw should then produce a lower and further shot than the open faced fade which would produce a higher and shorter shot with all other things being equal! Would you not agree that a player drawing the ball will hit it further 'in distance' purely on the basis of closing the face of the club because I know I do?